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Africa was not seen in the race for space till now, after the failure of Angosat-1, but now with Anglosat-2, the sub-Saharan nation is trying its hands again in launching a telecom satellite.

To keep pace with the rest of the world, Ghana, Morocco, and Algeria are developing space programs. And African Union may boost their efforts by serving as a platform for international space cooperation.

Angosat- 1 which was launched in December last year from Baikonur Space Center in Kazakhstan, however, the telecom satellite failed after reaching the orbit. It was built by Roscosmos and became inoperable within a week of being established in orbit.

GGPEN, Angola’s National Space programme management office has announced the launch of Angola-2 by 2020, which would cover the area of Angola, Africa and certain parts of Europe. This telecommunication satellite with has sixteen transponders in C band and six in Ku band, which are similar to those in Angosat-1.

The government of Angola was assured by GGPEN, that Angosat-2 will be built at

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