A Space-War Manual to avoid conflicts in Space

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Is there a chance to stop wars that may break out in space? Or are there any ways to stop such wars?

A manual is being developed on how the laws that bound the Earth can be applied to space also, in case a war broke out. There is hope that such a thing might avoid the outbreak of such wars by making everyone aware of what the consequences can be.

Satellites and other space assets are very important for the modern era, be it in areas of navigation, communication, pre-warning systems or surveillance. This makes them a possible target in future as a malfunction of any of these can inflict serious damage.

Every people is exposed to advanced technologies and even though most people are not aware, the technology and equipment to carry out operations like GPS jamming and anti-satellite warfare currently exist. The dependence of financial systems on GPS is much more than people know and if in case the GPS systems are taken out, it can cause

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