Altezza Travel Supports Treasures of Africa When Clients Safari Tanzania Style

At Kilimanjaro’s base in Moshi town, there’s a children’s home called Treasures of Africa. For over ten years now, this charity has offered shelter, care and love to abandoned orphans. In Treasures of Africa, children are cherished and kept safe from harm – while being educated, clothed and fed – all in a loving environment. They’re prepared for fulfilling futures, many of them heading to college or university when they grow up. These children have had hard lives before arriving at the orphanage, but when visitors meet them they can see that here, they have found a home-from-home. Personable and friendly, these children love to meet people from the world outside.


The Treasures of Africa children’s shelter was conceived by an American NGO and is run by a husband-and-wife team from America. Its funding is only donations from foreign tourists. The aim of the orphanage’s management is to provide the best possible care for every ward under their roof. Tanzania tour operator Altezza Travel supports the children’s home by facilitating clients’ visits when they stay in Tanzania. The children love attention from visitors, who are encouraged to bring them gifts such as colored pencils and felt pens, notebooks and any other educational items. Treasures of Africa also always needs the following:

  • Wet wipes for newborns, diapers (medium and large sizes);
  • Stationery supplies for school: pens, pencils, erasers, rulers, pencil sharpeners, school bags etc;
  • Footwear in all sizes, including sneakers, flats and sandals;
  • Clothing in all sizes and for both genders, like shirts, trousers, dresses, socks and underwear;
  • Games and toys.

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