A tour to Space Station

The Article from A tour to Space Station.


As technology is advancing with time, different industries are coming up with ways of making their field better by day. Recently, the National Geographic Channel decided to take their industry to another level by going to space and shooting a new documentary from there. This will be the first documentary of its kind and it has long been awaited by their fan.

The National Geographic Channel has given its fans an anticipated surprise by revealing their first 3D, a 360-degree video which will be taken in space as part of their new innovation and documentary series known as “One Strange Rock”. A virtual tour has taken with the astronauts in testing the new mission on board of the International Space Station while listening to their thoughts and plans on how large space is left us speechless.

There was a special delivery that arrived at the space station in November last year known as a state-of-the-art Vuze VR camera. European Space Agency astronaut known as Paolo Nespoli was in charge of bringing this camera

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