Aerated Confectionery Market Industry Shares, Market Strategies And Key Players

Aerated confectionery can be defined as aerated gel products that contain a combination of majorly sugar, carbohydrates and various types of glucose syrups, stabilizing agents, whipping agents, colors, and flavors. Aeration of confectioneries leads to an increase in volume, reduction in density, higher stability, decrease in stickiness & cold flow, and reduced sweetness. It lessens the product texture and makes the product less satiating while improving flavor and overall appeal. It also assists in the modification of the texture and organoleptic characteristics of the confectionery products. Aeration levels and textures in aerated confectionery products vary from product to product. Aeration of confectionery products is performed either by chemical aeration or mechanical aeration.

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The aeration process in completed using aerating agents such as hydrolyzed proteins, intact proteins and saponin that are dissolved to become active. Stabilizers used in the aeration process include gelatin and whipping agents. Gelatin plays the role on foaming agent, stabilizer and binder in aerated confectioneries that give the confectionery creamy and chewy textures. Similarly the whipping agent increases aeration and amends texture of the product. There are various aerated confectionery products present in the market, some of the leading products include gelatin marshmallows, cereal treat bars, and deposited non-grained marshmallows.

Aerated confectionery market is primarily driven by factors such as growing number of confectionery applications, increasing research and development by manufacturers to strengthen the aerated confectionery market, rising awareness regarding the health benefits of chocolate based products, and changing consumer lifestyles. Furthermore, rising demand for aerated confectionery products such as gum & jelly products, nougatines & caramels, sugar based products, chocolate based products is projected to fuel the growth of the aerated confectionery market across the globe. Growing awareness related to the health benefits of chocolate-based and other aerated confectionery products in the developing economies also is expected to drive the growth of the aerated confectionery market in the developing regions. Aeration of confectionery products leads to reduction in sugar and calories in the confectionery products which plays a major role in attracting health conscious consumers, especially in the developing economies.

Moreover, other aerated confectionery benefits such as increased volume, whip ability & stability and reduced density stickiness & cold flow, and sweetness of confectionery products also are projected to fuel the growth of the aerated confectionery market across the globe. Ever growing food and beverage products demand with increasing global population, is another factor driving growth of aerated confectionery market.

Some of the key global players manufacturing different aerated confectionery products includes Mars, Inc., Mondelez International, Ferrero Group, Nesté SA, Meiji Co. Ltd., Hershey Foods Corporation, Chocoladenfabriken Lindt & Sprüngli AG, Perfetti Van Melle Spa, Haribo GmbH & Co. K.G., August Storck KG, United Confectionery Manufacturers, Orion Corporation, Yildiz Holding, General Mills, and Danisco A/S among others.