Space Industry bosses have a meeting. 


Thompson, who is the new vice commander of the Air Force Space Command, did give his debut public appearance on Tuesday at a lunch meeting of the Washington Space Business Roundtable. After a few days into his job, Thompson has said that the learning curve is going on well. He did say that he has been making several plans that are to be implemented before the year ends. He explained how many people have been giving him calls. Thompson, who has a special nickname when compared to other space executives, by the name ‘JT.’ This is the name that makes him stand out in comparison to the other three-star space leader. The Air Force previous fall has decided that the Space Commander Chief should have an assistant that has an Office in the Pentagon so that he will spend less time in moving back and forth to the Washington D.C. It also means that he will have more time to dedicate to running the various operations that are in