Microneedling is a safe and effective way to treat skin imperfections in NYC

Microneedling is an effective treatment which improves a variety of human skin imperfections like  skin scars and trauma scars, stretch marks, pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles. Areas which can be treated with microneedling are face, neck ,decollete and arms. In NYC Microneedling has been performed thousands of times and has proved to be a treatment that professionals can trust. The entire treatment can take up to 60 minutes and the best part about it- there is no downtime or post treatment medications that are necessary after the procedure is over.




There are many microneedling devices offered in the US aesthetic market. The original device have evolved from a mechanical roller with needles into a sophisticated pen with automatic pinned motion. Perfect57 MedSpa offers a version of a proven microneedling system, that earned lots of  great star reviews from customers professionals. This device is  –Dermapen 3. It  is revolutionary microneedling device that aims to tighten, raise and rejuvenate your skin giving you a new and refreshed look. It will accommodate completely different treatment areas adjusting specifically to your needs and problems. No alternative microneedling device will match those results, so we developed a tendency to call Dermapen 3 as New York City best choice for microneedling.




To put it short: It incorporates all the benefits of its original device adds a number of technological advancements along with the automatic needle movement, making dermapen 3 more practical than dermal rollers and any other alternative gadgets.Our Doctors love Dermapen 3 because its advanced needle tip provides a a lot of mechanical control over human gesture, thus minimizing human error and increasing overall potency of a treatment As a results,  less damage is done to healthy cells during needle penetration.

There are 3 direct benefits of Microneedling


  • Skin renewal and lifting: Dermapen 3 stimulates collagen production to give a fresh new look to your skin


  • Dermapen 3 pores damaged with acne and helps to reduce acne scars


  • There is no downtime: when the procedure is over, you can safely resume your daily activity without any recovery or post treatment medications





Dermapen 3 works gently on your epidermis. Microneedling is a very safe procedure. As mentioned before it was tested and performed thousands if not millions of time. Although we always advise a professional care for all of you aesthetic needs- some women even perform microneedling at home. Nose and forehead area are typically much more sensitive to needle penetration and our doctors always apply numbing cream for your comfort to alleviate any senses.




After the treatment, your skin may look red and flashy. Some patients experience increased sensitivity of the treated areas. Nevertheless, it is completely safe to resume your activities right after the treatment. Most side-effects pass within 2-3 days after a treatment. The only restriction after microneedling is makeup-don’t wear it over the treated areas for twenty-four hours after the treatment. For the best results avoid direct sun exposure throughout seven days after the treatment and you will be impressed how impressive microneedling with dermapen 3 can be.