Boral® Releases Pro-Fit® Terrain™ Ledgestone


For more than three decades, Canadian Stone Industries has been at the forefront of the manufactured stone industry, representing innovative masonry and building component products. With a network of more than 400 dealers, and warehouses in British Columbia and Ontario, they have become the premier source in Canada for manufactured stone veneer, brick veneer, stone siding, architectural profiles and other building components. They are a leader in the home improvement trend towards affordable, very easy-to-install, stone veneer panels that have become today’s go to cladding solution.

Canadian Stone is very proud to announce that Boral is expanding their beautiful Contemporary Collection. Pro-Fit® Terrain™ Ledgestone adds exciting textures and relief patterns, helping designers, architects and homeowners push the contemporary design movement forward. Pro-Fit® Terrain™ installs easily and quickly, with groups of small stones already expertly bundled by Boral’s masons. Boral® has led the industry in manufactured stone innovation for more than 50 years.

Other options already in the Contemporary Collection have been Pro-Fit® Modera™ Ledgestone and Hewn Stone™. With Pro-Fit® Modera™ Ledgestone, designers had smooth finishes, with tight-fitted joints, and interesting relief patterns; while Hewn Stone™ delivered tight-fitted joints with texture. With Pro-Fit® Terrain™ Ledgestone, you have an exciting mix of Boral® Cultured Stone® colours, relief patterns, and both rough textures and smooth surfaces.

According to an article in, manufactured stone veneer rated #3 in their short list of home remodeling projects that will increase the homeowner’s return on investment. On the exterior, Cultured Stone® increases perceived value, curb appeal and pride of ownership, whether you’re remodeling or building. Pro-Fit® Terrain™ Ledgestone will enhance your home’s trendy exterior with clean, horizontal lines.

On the interior, it can transform accent walls, fireplaces, backsplashes and columns into contemporary works of art. The earthy roughness of hewn stone, artfully contrasted with smooth stones, set in various relief patterns, can add visual interest, and much-needed contrast to any contemporary space.

Cultured Transitions™

Boral® also offers a range of architectural accents and hearthstones to compliment each of the Pro-Fit® Terrain™ Ledgestone colours and textures. There are elegant electrical boxes, window and door trim, sills, capstones, hearthstones and more; everything you need to complete your project.

Installation & Maintenance

Installing Pro-Fit® Terrain™ Ledgestone is easy and quick. All of the smalls stones have already been grouped by Boral’s masons, and they’re ready to install. The stone veneer can be installed on most structurally sound wall surfaces. Because Pro-Fit® Terrain™ Ledgestone is light weight and adheres quickly, additional footings and wall ties are not required. This means that Cultured Stone® can be installed in applications where traditional full stone will not work.

Pro-Fit® Terrain™ Ledgestone requires almost no maintenance. Abrasives, pressure-washing, acid cleaning, and sandblasting should be avoided. All Cultured Stone® requires, to keep looking great year after year, is an occasional light wash to remove accumulated dirt and dust.

Technical Information & Specifications

Pro-Fit® Terrain™ Ledgestone is engineered to meet or exceed all specifications set by building code officials. Cultured Stone® products are colourfast; the colours become an integral part of each stone during the casting process. Cultured Stone® veneers are UL tested and listed, and are rated non-combustible. Test results showed zero flame spread and zero smoke development. Pro-Fit® Terrain™ Ledgestone stones are 4″ high, and 8″, 12″ and 20″ in length. Thicknesses of 3/4″, 1 1/4″ and 1 3/4″, and corner returns 4″, 8″, and 12″.


Boral@ Cultured Stone® wall products carry a 50-year limited warranty, when applied on structures that conform to local building codes, and when used according to the instructions provided by the manufacturer.

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