Research satellite from Winnipeg to head to space with moon rocks


A group of university students from Winnipeg, Canada have been selected by the Canadian Space Agency to send a satellite into orbit. Years of tinkering have finally borne fruit.

From all over Canada, 15 teams have been awarded between $200,000 to $250,000 to design and construct their satellites by the Canadian Space Agency. The chosen teams will launch tiny cubic satellites (alternatively called CubeSats) that are capable of carrying cameras, sensors, and computers. Each cube can fit in an adult hand, and they can also be assembled like Lego for more significant projects.

According to the Canadian astronaut Jenni Sidey, the projects will give researchers the capability to carry out their space missions. The thrill of this should ignite interest in others to work in this field. It is the primary purpose for which the decision of funding small-scale projects at the university level was taken.

According to Matt Driedger, an engineering student at the University of Manitoba, the inspiration for Winnipeg team’s satellite started with a group of engineering students. They