Website Design Agency Reveals Top Web Design Trends for 2018

Web Design Norwich based Omni Search predicts web design trends for the coming year. Following on from a year that made technology news due to robots, self-driving cars and drones, this year, technology has got a lot to follow on from. Tech in 2018 is set to get even bigger and better. New emphasis is being placed on mobile, AI, and VR in the world of web design. With 89% of UK adults using the internet, it’s vital that web design trends evolve each year to facilitate positive user experiences and stay in line with the tech world.

With more people using their phone as their primary web browsing device, mobile is just one of the focuses for the coming year. Sites must now be mobile responsive as mobile usage continues to grow. Google have announced they will be introducing a new “mobile first index” which puts the mobile version of your site higher up search rankings than the normal computer friendly version of your site. This will certainly affect how websites are designed and built, but what other trends will we see this year?

Text on websites is obviously important, but so is design. This year, we will see the use of bright colours and gradients to draw attention to text, and spacing, and reduce the need for slow-loading images. Using colourful typography means faster loading times and is good for site speed. A faster site speed is better for SEO. Colourful typography can also draw user attention to important pieces of copy and drive user actions.

Owing to the decreased use of imagery, there will be a rise in the use of graphics and illustrations. Eye-catching 2D web design will take centre stage in 2018. Attractive graphics, icons or illustrations paired with fast load times will mean improved user experience and higher search engine rankings.

Perhaps our favourite web design 2018 trend is the rise of micro-interactions. They are being implemented into website design in an attempt to improve user experience and reduce bounce rates. When users have to complete an action that causes or requires the page to reload, it can be frustrating. Rather than allowing the page time to reload, often users will bounce from the site. With micro-interactions, users can communicate in real time with no page re-loads necessary. For example, they could leave a review just by scrolling over some stars, rather than filling in and submitting a form.

Predominantly, the web design trends for 2018 are focused on improving user experience, increasing site speed, and being device responsive. We can’t predict all the trends, but these are our favourites so far.

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