Wants Import Ban On The Top 4 Importers Of Chinese Clone Toners. As OEM and Reman market Shares Fall, The China Clone Toner Industry Is In Full Gear, Why The OEMs’ Need To Sue All Of China’s Clone Toner Industry before Its Too Late!

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Its been a year since we started to expose the Chinese bogus clone toner industry, although 2017 was an ok year for the reman and OEMs toner consumables industry, China with their cheap knock-off counterfeit clones toner have been expanding in full gear with some or little recourse from the mighty Oem’s around the world, we at have been carefully reporting all that we see about China’s clone toner industry to the point were now the Chinese Gov. has blocked from being viewed throughout all of China’s regions.

The China clone toner industry is a carefully coordinated enterprise backed and funded by the Chinese Government, state sponsored engineers do extensive research and follow OEM patented trademarks and chip technology around the world in order to take advantage of weaknesses in countries with weak IP laws, this is very smart of the Chinese government to do so and that is why NO private businesses can compete with a Government that specifically does this kind of constant economic espionage, China does this with every succefull private industries around the world, they quietly hide in China and before you know it your patented goods are all over and and they eventually get to the top players of these successful business by buying them out like they did in our U.S. toner industry With S.C.C. & Lexmark Corp, the Chinese government quietly promotes these take overs at every level and if they get called out on it by the West, they publicly bust a few weak players but keep and protect the strong ones, regardless of international patent laws and trade deals between countries.
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Attention OEMs’, fighting the IP’s in courts is a good start but China know that it’s a slow expensive process to prove, we have a better ideal, how about all the big OEMs brands all getting together (Except for Lexmark) and file a class action lawsuit Vs. the top 4 Importers of Chinese Clone Toners and request our U.S. higher courts to ban entry of these goods into the U.S., in our opinion the OEMs’ need to do this soon because the Chinese clone toner industry takes their OEMs market shares literally 2 weeks after an OEMs toner consumables is launched, they really don’t care about IP’s, its all a big game of cat and mouse, however a class action lawsuit showing these unfair trade practices could be easier to prove, we got an Eflier this week from a Chinese toner cloner with $1 to $3 finished Hp clone toners, these were brand new in the box for the top and most current hp toners part numbers, who is the West can compete with that?
(Email us if you want to see this Eflier) 

Yes, we in the West can all talk about recycling, sustainability and all the great things that we do to protect our industries and mother earth, to China this means absolutely nothing, its all about stealing and capitalizing on our innovations, now many wholesaler and distributors in the US and in the EU toner consumables industry have switched to selling these bogus illegal Chinese clone counterfeit toners thank’s to 4 Chinese Importers, they do this with no repercussions since they now know that the oem’s are still to date a no-show, but the OEMs’ need to wake up soon!, loosing market share 2 weeks after a new consumables release cannot be good for business, what’s the point of releasing a new toner anymore? what’s the point of releasing a new printers if their own OEMs consumables are already undersold on and 2 weeks later?.
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Trump talked a good game about China but he has proven to be a non-factor for our industry and many other industries that have to deal with all of China’s counterfeit industries including ours, now if Trump was focused and really care about US jobs, he would ban the Import of these fake Chinese clone toners from the top 4 Chinese U.S. importers TOMORROW!, It’s time the OEMs’ get to Trump and get this ban going fast, it doable and still possible, we estimate that the Oem consumables toner industry looses around $3bln+ a year to China’s clone Counterfeiter toner industry, that’s a fortune that they will need to recouped soon for their own survival.