The Return of SpaceX Dragon after the International Space Station’s Mission


Last month, there was the launch of the SpaceX’s CRS-14 Dragon. The specific date was the 2nd April 2018. That was like history repeating itself. Two years ago, in April 2016, the cargo ship had its debut launch. At that time, it had a role to play in the CRS-8 mission. The mission went well, and it came back for the second launch last month. That was the case until yesterday, 5th May 2018. What happened? Continue reading for more information about the spacecraft. We will discuss its stay there as well as the landing.

The Falcon 9 which is also owned by SpaceX propelled it last month. It took the Dragon two days to reach near the U.S. Destiny laboratory. The distance between it and the lab was 33 feet. Norishige Kanai caught hold of it with the help of Canadarm2. That is robotic. Kanai was at that time working with the Japan Aerospace Agency. He was one of the astronauts of its Expedition 55.

The next destination was