Asteroid disintegrated up above in the sky


On Saturday night, June 02, 2018, an asteroid disintegrated after it lit up above the surface of the earth, in the sky. It lasted only a few hours and was lost forever. In Botswana, a fireball was seen in the sky by the natives. The fireball was identified as an asteroid hurling down towards the earth at a speed of 10 miles per second. There was instant chaos amongst the people as it indicated a big disaster if the asteroid had hit the surface of the earth.

In the West of Johannesburg, a webcam in the rural area captured an ignited object moving quickly with a bright flash. NASA immediately started investigating the purpose and determined that the asteroid may collide with earth. The locations identified for collision were the Southern Africa, The Indian Ocean, and New Guinea. Soon the name of the asteroid was declared – 2018 LA

Speculations were made how much damage could be caused, and what can be done, but the end of this whole dramatic