Time to See Asteroid 2010 WC9 Once Again


Asteroids have always aroused curiosity in space lovers. Most of us crave to watch asteroids coming closer to our earth. Now the good news for space curious people is that a massive asteroid is soon going t pass closer to our planet Earth. To help watch the event, the astronomy broadcasting service called Slooh has planned a live webcast. This webcast is scheduled at 8 p.m. EDT (May 15). This webcast is expected to show significant information about the giant asteroid. 

The main feature of this asteroid is that it is quite significant and has rightly been called the asteroid of jumbo jet size. The asteroid has been named as 2010 WC9. It is considered to be between one hundred and twenty-five feet to three hundred and ninety feet in width. The relevant resources are saying that the asteroid will come within 203,000 kilometers (126,000 miles) of our planet Earth. This distance is almost half the distance between the moon and the earth. According to the astronomers, the event