The Cuban Mystery


Satellite images have always brought to our eyes something we can never think of seeing while being on Earth. A Cuban mystery when displayed by one such satellite forced everyone to worry about what was happening in Cuba. In February and May 2018 a newly constructed radome – dome-like protecting radar equipment, made from a material transparent to radio waves, especially one on the outer surface of an aircraft – was seen by the satellites near Bejucal, Cuba. It was entirely different from other similar structures being used for electronic communications for the United States. Since there was no information about something like that being constructed, everybody started speculating about what it was made for. 

The new antenna is situated close to the southern Havana, near the town of Bejucal. The satellites cover images of Earth at a specific pace and angel; they take some time to come to the same position and record the changes which can be then compared to analyse the happenings or the mishaps. In