NASA plans to take humans above the clouds on Venus


Picture provided by NASA

It has been more than half a century when human space program pertaining to the US nation has gone through various turmoil in respect of two long-range goals namely establishing a proper base on the moon and sending astronauts to Mars. But a bunch of aerospace engineers positioned at NASA’s Langley Research Centre which is located in Hampton have identified a third option for which the nation can start thinking in a positive way, and that is Planet Venus. 

The team has initiated various plans and started conducting different tests in the form of a blimp-like airship that would take off with two crew members for one month atop the Venusian cloud tops. The engineers have developed a concept and named it as “High Altitude Venus Operational Concept” or HAVOC which they consider as an aerial colony for long-term atmospheric habitation as well as colonisation. Researchers consider Venus as the second rock from the Sun.

The HAVOC spaceship is somewhat similar to the Lando Calrissian’s