NASA Has Made Some Interesting Mars Discoveries; They Will Tell Us More On June 7


NASA has more information from Mars, and they are holding a press conference to make the announcements. You can stream the announcement on Thursday, June 7 at 2 pm EDT. NASA is not revealing any information before the conference. 

Even though they have not given details about the press conference, they announced that it would feature discoveries by the Curiosity rover. The agency will stream the announcement via their website and some social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Upstream, Periscope, Twitch, and YouTube.

NASA launched the Curiosity rover to Mars in August 2012. The focus of this rover is to study Mars and check whether the planet can support life. Since the rover has been drilling the Martian surface for some time now, it is possible that the announcement is related to something unearthed on the Martian surface. 

In 2016, NASA almost gave up on drilling the surface when the rover developed a hitch that prevented it from digging. However, the agency developed a new strategy to allow the rover