Advantages of using an HTML email signature

What is HTML?

HTML is a mark-up language that is used by all the world’s internet browsers as well as email clients like Outlook, Apple Mail and Gmail. HTML is the language that is used when making websites, but it can also be used to make email signatures.

Why Should I Use HTML in Email Signatures?

Without using HTML in email signatures, you cannot style it correctly by using tables, rows, column, ordered items and much more. Basically, if you use a pain text email signature, you will not be able to create one that looks really good, and you also won’t be able to insert marketing material into your email signature.

How Do I Make an Email Signature?

Email Signatures can be very difficult to create, especially ones that have complex HTML. In order to make a good looking email signature, you need in-depth knowledge of HTML. Making an email signature look good in a web browser is fairly straight forward, as web browsers render HTML correctly and don’t change any formatting. However, when it comes to email clients, they are known to change HTML and formatting in an email signature (sometimes severely) so it won’t look as good when it is sent to a recipient.

Like everything, there are ways around this, such as implementing tricks into your HTML code in order to fool the HTML rendering engine of the email program so it displays correctly in most email clients.

The easiest way to create an HTML email signature is to use an email signature generator such as ZippySig.

ZippySig will help you create the perfect email signature for your whole team in just seconds. With plenty of templates to choose from and heaps of styling options, the design work is already done for you. Once you have created the template that you want to use for your whole company, simply duplicate the signature and create the rest of them using the exact same style.

Some features of ZippySig are:

Quick Signature Creation

Ability to duplicate signatures

Easy Navigation throughout the editor

7-Day Free Trial

Send Email Signatures directly to your staff from the dashboard

Can I Code the HTML Email Signature Myself?

You can definitely create the email signature in HTML yourself. There are many people out there that know how to code in HTML that make email signatures every day. If you don’t know HTML, try to get some help with it, as it can get very complex. If you want to try it yourself, there are many email signature examples and templates around that can help you get started and come with some basic instructions.

Problems with HTML Email Signatures

If an email signature is not created in the right way, with all the tables, rows and columns coded correctly, it can show up as broken when it gets to the recipients mailbox. There are many examples of badly coded email signatures, and what they can look like, just do a search and have a look. For example, if you have 2 images in an email signature when sending to Gmail, then Gmail will automatically put a space in between the 2 images. There are many things like these which you must be mindful of when creating HTML email signatures.