MoviesChain by TVzavr Changing Art House Film Distribution

The 68th Berlin International Film Festival opened its doors on February 15th.  It is featuring the premieres of several long-awaited films along with the presentation of a new platform designed to change the film distribution industry – MoviesChain by TVzavr.  This is the first film distribution platform that has been built using blockchain technology. The MoviesChain by TVzavr platform connects independent film producers with their audience and significantly reduces the costs faced when it comes to marketing and distribution. This new technology removes intermediaries, who are currently receiving up to half the revenue of every movie watched by viewers. MoviesChain by TVzavr will open new opportunities for independent filmmakers and offer them a simple and affordable distribution mechanism using online movie theaters. This will enable art house fans to easily watch films made by their favorite directors along with those from new directors almost immediately after these films premiere at festivals.

The MoviesChain platform has been developed by TVzavr, a major Russian player in the video-on-demand (VoD) market.  The company currently has 30 million unique users on TVzavr, Russian Cinema, and MoviesChain.  The company’s revenue in 2017 amounted to more than $10 million.

The project has already caught the attention of several film industry professionals.  Sabine Rossbach pointed out that the way independent films are distributed needs to change.  “Now is the time to solve a number of problems and challenges surrounding distribution of independent films around the world.  I think that the existing business model in the industry is becoming obsolete and that a transparent and reliable system needs to replace it,” the actress said.