For the love of Champagne


What we know about the lifestyle in space shows that party or celebration would be a dream in the space, in zero gravity completing necessary routine things is a lot tougher than on Earth, then how do we even think of an astronaut having a drink while on the spacecraft. We don’t want the rocket to crash. However, Mumm – a world-class Champagne producer has just unveiled a high tech bottle specially designed for the astronauts. 

NASA has stated in its rulebook, that carbonated beverages are not meant for space, they will only produce a foamy mess creating trouble for the onboard astronauts. But Maison Mumm, a bubbly French producer has figured out a way to serve champagne in microgravity. 

Mumm grand cordon stellar project has launched this exclusive bottle and glass to serve champagne in space. However, NASA is strictly against such servings as the carbon dioxide remains distributed throughout the fluid even when it has been swallowed, the bubbles would not get burned out, instead will stay in