Polar orbiting Satellite, NOAA-20, is finally operational


New next-generation polar-orbiting satellite is one of the latest and effective tools in the kitty of weather forecasting services. NOAA-20, polar satellite system is up and successfully running after it passed rigorous testing. The satellite was named JPSS-1 and then renamed to NOAA-20 and was launched in November last year. The satellite is an epitome of the best and latest technology that has flown in the polar orbit and it will be capturing more crisp and precise observations from the atmosphere, waters and land. The data from this satellite will be helpful in improving the accuracy of weather-related data of three to seven days forecasts.

Weather forecasts come handy in case of extreme weather conditions and in past, the forecasting has saved millions of lives worldwide by keeping people aware about what is going to happen weather-wise for a couple of days together so that measures can be taken on time. NOAA-20 will be providing accurate and timely weather-related data. The satellite is laced with VIIRS, also known as