Personal Money Service Offers a Wide Range of Loan Matching Services

The aim of Personal Money Service is to give financial help to every American regardless of his credit score. The Company offers a wide range of loan matching services for those who are looking for personal, business, installment loans or debt consolidation.


The customers of the Company should be aware that the service works to match the borrowers with a potential lender and it is not a direct lender. The user-friendly site was designed to help its customer find the most suitable lender online; it is safe and protects the borrower’s data.

The website is proposing various kinds of services, like short-term loans, mortgages, debt management, personal and private student loans, car insurance, and business loans. The Company is not liable for the interest rate, fees, APR, terms and conditions or for other contract details. The customer and a lender agree on these points independently after the borrower gets matched with the loan lender.

There is a simple and secure application form on the website. It makes the process fast and secure. A customer is asked to provide the Company with all the necessary information that will allow PersonalMoneyService find the best suitable lender. The borrower is not required to send any documents by fax. The secure SSL certificates protect the personal information of the customers.

The process of application consists of three steps:

  • filling the application form;
  • getting a decision via e-mail;
  • checking your bank account (in case of approval).

There are a few requirements for the prospective borrowers: one has to be the citizen of the U.S. and be 18-year-old or more. It is not obedient to have a high credit score to get a short-term loan. It is guaranteed, that the application of every borrower will be reviewed by the lenders’ companies. A special loan matching mechanism matches the borrower with the lender on the basis of the information from his application form.

Before signing an agreement, the lender sends the customer the terms and conditions, which might differ from lender to lender. The borrowed amount ranges from lender to lender as well. It is required to read the terms of the agreement very attentively as Personal Money Service doesn’t have any control of the terms, interest rates or fees charged by the partners and is not responsible for the agreement details between a lender and a borrower. is located in the United States. The website operates since 2013 and is offering matching services free of charge. The visitors are asked to read the Privacy Policy as well as Terms & Conditions very attentively. In case of questions, one is welcome to use the contact form to ask the questions as the website operates 24/7.