Dollar Digits App: The Calling App With A Difference

Calling apps have become an important part of the society. This is because people are looking for convenient, cheaper, and affordable communication means. It is now possible to make anonymous calls using these calling apps. One such app is Dollar Digits. Dollar Digits App is a revolutionary calling app that works across different devices with a new version that allows users to create a number on their desktop computers for subscription management.

According to Dollar Digits, “Most people think that they can only have one number on their phone. What if you could have a 2nd number on your device? A number that you can use to make anonymous phone calls without the hassles of hiding your caller ID. Dollar Digits App can help you make calls without revealing your number. The good thing is that the app is easy to install. It will just take a few minutes, and you will be making your first anonymous phone call.”

Calling apps come with different features that make sure users are safe when they are making business or social calls. It is now easy for a person to call a person they have met on social networks such as dating sites without worrying about stalkers or over enthusiastic people. This helps in preventing online harassment. It also works perfectly for strictly business calls.

About Dollar Digits

Dollar Digits provides you with an app that allows you to make an anonymous phone call and enjoy anonymous text messaging. This means you do not need to keep hiding your caller ID. You also don’t need to avoid texting since the app will let you communicate anonymously. This is a big plus for people using dating sites. You just need to download Dollar Digits, install it on your mobile device and you are good to go.