C-levelclone looks for strategic partners

My technology was originally discovered, approved back in the sixties under a Naval contract. The contract was awarded to Linde corp. a division of Union Carbide. The focus at the time was to find a way to extend the shelf life of Red Cells on board ships and bases around the world.

After approx. 10 years of research and testing a process was developed and approved by at that time the AMA. The process was with the use of Cryo-Preservation LN2. At the time a protectant was used to limit cell damage. The protectant at the time was PVP which was not allowed to be used here the US, as it was considered a cancer agent. However Linde corp. was allowed to introduce the technology in other parts of the where there was no restriction on the use of PVP.

As time went on the funding was cut to search for a suitable substitute protectant and the technology lied dormant. In 2011 I was contacted by one of the process engineers who founded the technology and asked if I have ever heard of the technology of freezing and thawing of blood. After many conversations and our market studies we saw the size of this market and decided to pursue this. In the last 6 years, we have discovered that our process will eliminate the shelf life of not only Red cells but Platelets, White Cells, and Plasma. Our research also indicates that most if not all contaminated in blood will be destroyed. We are introducing a new protectant that will not have to be removed prior to use. Thereby removing the process of washing the blood or stem cells prior to use. Our process does not require any capital investment to implement and besides saving millions of lives. Hospitals and Blood Centers will save millions in recurring cost. As our process only requires you to draw blood. No separate s/u for drawing platelets, white cells and Plasma. As well as eliminating the need to remove protectant prior to use. We are looking for strategic partners to help launch this technology and save millions for hospitals and blood centers.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes

Jimmy Walker Founder/Chairman C-levelclone 617-799-4211