Are Vintage Photos The Next Big Trend?

Vintage photos are making a big comeback these days in certain situations and places. Maybe it is just us getting older and thinking about the good old days, or maybe it is due to the Baby Boomer’s age and they’re starting to become vintage photo collectors, the numbers show that the demand for vintage photos is rising. Regardless, old photographs of family members scenes of locations, automobiles, and technology from the past strike a reminiscent chord with everyone regardless of their age or background.


During the early stage of photography, photos were in monochromatic tones of light and dark in dark brown sepia tones, dark gray tones and in black and white. Unfortunately, the quality of the images was murky at best. As photography evolved in cameras, film, and processing, the images had more definition and photography was becoming a form of art with different types and styles such as vintage, pin-up,  or classical.


Black and white photography flourished for many years because even 50 years ago, color film, processing, and printing were a lot more expensive than black and white. Basically, color reproduction in books and magazines did not really progress until the early 1980s. During that era, we’ve seen brilliant black and white photography from Ansel Adams, Diane Arbus, and Alfred Eisenstaedt, just to name a few artists who mastered composition and light with contrasting shadows to achieve their final product.


Today in the world of digital photography, black and white can be achieved through the camera but probably the best method is through a digital rendering through a photography computer application such as Photoshop. But even with new technology, nothing can replace old New York City photos or other locations that are long gone, the victims of progress.


It is still a pleasure to take a look at the past through the original lenses and technology of that time. Vintage photos are a trend that is here to stay.