7 Best Business Books For Online Marketers

We have finally said ahoy to 2018 and its time to reset those goals again. For entrepreneurs looking to realize their dream of starting their own business or looking to improve their already established venture, a good online marketing campaign can do wonders. While it is impossible to learn everything about online marketing via books, but they can help gather a good perspective and help in your marketing endeavor. In this post, we have compiled a list of the 7 best business books that online marketers can use to their advantage. After all, reading is power:

1. Non-Obvious 2017 by Rohit Bhargava:
This revolutionary book on online marketing is doing the rounds in the market for all the right reasons. The author, Rohit Bhargava happens to be the founder of the Influential Marketing Group and also has the distinction of being a Professor in Georgetown, USA. Non-Obvious looks to uncover 15 new marketing trends along with more than 60 previous predictions that will help grow your business to new heights. The book also identifies 5 new brand trends that include a special topic on passive loyalty, moonshot entrepreneurship, and fierce femininity. The book teaches some valuable lessons like identifying new trends and patterns in the business that is often overlooked by others.

2. Trust me I am Lying: Confessions Of A Media Manipulator by Ryan Holiday:
This book stays true to its words and tells a hard-hitting truth to entrepreneurs that online marketing is not always a fair and honest man’s game. It is all about building rapport and trust with the customers but certainly not about telling the truth which could otherwise have a big impact on the business. The book gives an honest account of how simple rumors can make or break a company and that false news can be mastered to give the right message at the right time. Entrepreneurs who can learn to distinguish this little difference can make an average product and turn it into a market best seller.

3. The Power of Visual Storytelling by Ekaterina Walter:
Ekaterina Walter weaves a compelling web to tell the effectiveness of visual storytelling for a business. According to her, the growing competition today has more or less overcrowded the online marketing arena who are making use of the same medium again and again to attract customers. The level of competition is constantly growing in the online market but there exist some effective ways and practices of visual contents that can prove beneficial for any business, small or big. The book looks to explain different techniques of attracting users attention, all of which can be communicated in the form of visuals, videos etc.

4. Hug your Haters by Jay Baer:
If Jay Baer is to be believed, a complaining customer is the greatest asset for a business rather than an unsatisfied customer. This is because an unsatisfied customer would never come crib to you regarding what went wrong with your product or service that you can look upon and improve. A complaining customer is always a boon for the business as it provides you a major opportunity to learn the error of your ways and take corrective action to fix the problem. Hug Your Haters outlines two major haters for any business and how to tackle each situation and rectify them. The book has a multitude of hilarious and full proof case studies that come with problems and their corrective actions that take a business can take and use it to its advantage. Looking for more such interesting titles? Then be sure to avail them at https://www.ozcodes.com.au/store/booktopia/.

5. What Customers Crave by Nicholas Webb:
This book tackles the problem of online marketing in the exact opposite manner as the previous book, Hug Your Haters.  What Customers Crave lays out a comprehensive breakdown to targeting mechanisms and rethinking your customer service again. It pays to know what your customers really like and dislike rather than gathering facts like age, sex, demographics etc of an individual. If one goes by Webb’s design, customer service is more about the design process and something that demands innovation on a regular basis. The book chalks out ways your business can identify the different customer types so you can cater and make products as per his needs.

6. Top of Mind by John Hall:
Top of Mind tells the story of the author, John Hall and his own journey of building his brand. The book details out the ways you can become top of mind and lead your respective domain. John explains that building a brand is all about creating engaging content. Amongst increasing competition among businesses, there is a need to foster authentic relationships with customers. Top of mind lays out the tools needed to stay at the top of the game for any business.

7. Outside Insight ByJornLyseggen:
If you are looking for a unique one of a kind read then Outside Insight is the book to go for. The author has advised businesses to step out of their bubble and to look beyond internal data. The book has many real-life examples of companies and global leaders who have made a name in their respective fields by using the correct tools to innovate themselves and their products.

So there we have a comprehensive list of the 7 best business books for online marketers. Make sure to include them all to your reading list.