Broccoli in space: How Pro-biotics could help grow veggies in microgravity.


Orbital ATK Cygnus spacecraft has been launched on May 24, 2018, from Wallops Island, Virginia to deliver goodies to the space station and six Broccoli seeds were included in the supplies to be grown there. The idea sounds fascinating that the astronauts on expeditions may soon get something fresh to eat if the things work out.

These seeds since cannot grow normally because of the absence of normal conditions have been coated with bacteria of different kinds. These beneficial microbes called endophytes are supposed to help plant growth in low gravity environment where there neither is gravity, soil or water and of course no possibility of photosynthesis, at least not naturally. 

Humans have been desperately looking for the alternative earth to ensure their survival. For this several trials have been made including ‘Veggie’- a vegetable production system used for testing if vegetables could grow in challenging conditions like space. This experiment first used Red Romaine lettuce. These were developed in space on Expedition 40, and the operation went astonishingly