How spirituality and business can go hand in hand

Before beginning to tell you, how spirituality and business can go hand in hand, some misconceptions need to be addressed- Spirituality does not equal religiousness. Spirituality is not inaccessible or mystic. Being spiritual has to do with concrete human emotions and state of mind. Practicing spirituality is a day-to-day task people of any religion, caste, creed, etc., can perform. It is anything but elite or mystic in any way.

The fundamental principle of spirituality is to become one with yourself. Being aware(or conscious) of your mind and the energies around you. To focus on the immaterial reality.

One might argue, “Businesses are all about tangible, material gains, and inherently focus on the return on investments. Spirituality has no place in it”

While some of it is true, spirituality still holds a solid relevance on business organizations.


To understand the answer to this question, we must first deconstruct the ultimate purpose of human existence. Human beings, unlike the other animals, need a purpose for their existence other than food and procreation. While our beastly ancestors focused only on these things, human intelligence has evolved to a stage where the hunt for food is no longer necessary to survive. Our evolved intelligence has made the fundamentals of our existence easy to access. When basic survival got out of the picture, human beings developed a need for a higher purpose. A purpose that we can reverse engineer to satisfy our higher never ending wants, rather than basic survival needs.

Despite what our “want” is, the whole process of achieving that want has become the survival technique of the modern day man. Today’s survival is of a philosophical nature, rather than of a beastly or basic one.

The “want” being material or immaterial holds no relevance in this case. In the dichotomy between food and procreation, and higher wants, material and immaterial desires fall under the same bracket.

The process of achieving your higher desires is where spirituality can come into play.

Therefore, you can be a businessman aiming to make loads of money and be spiritual at the same time. They are not mutually exclusive but are equal determinants of human evolution.

Spirituality is an amazing tool to have if you are running a business. It keeps the mind sane, in this world full of competitions and deadlines. It helps you take a step away from the rat race to breathe and relax, further increasing the productivity. It also provides a better moral and ethical compass which results in a better work environment and a more satisfied workforce.

Often business people work so hard on a day-to-day basis that they end up behaving like machines. They barely get the time to spend on their mental well being and personality. Incorporating spirituality in your everyday schedule will give you a time off from the mundane regularities, and provide ample time to reflect and retrospect.

Don’t forget that you are human beings with concrete emotions, and not task oriented machines. Incorporate spirituality in your business practices and individual lives to lead a deep and meaningful existence.


Adela Belin is a private educator and a writer at Writers Per Hour. She shares her teaching experience with colleagues, students, and writers. Feel free to contact Adela on G+.