Private viewing of handbag designer Daniela de Montby’s Limited Edition handbag collection on Wednesday 27th !

You are invited to attend a Private viewing of handbag designer Daniela de Montby’s Limited Edition handbag collection on Wednesday 27th September 2017 from 5:30pm to 7:30pm.

Hidden away in a quiet little square in the very heart of Soho, only yards away from the hustle and bustle of Brewer Street, lies one of the best kept secrets in fashion today.

Stepping into Daniela de Montby’s handbag boutique for the first time can be likened to Alice falling down the rabbit hole, into an otherworldly realm of handbag art and design that will open the mind and tantalize the senses.

Having swum against the flow of current trends for as long as she can remember, Daniela has set her own course, made her own rules, done things her way. The result is nothing short of a handbag revolution.

On the 27th of September from 5.30 pm – 7.30 pm you are invited to view her latest collection. For the first time ever she is offering a limited edition of sumptuous trapezoid shaped black luxurious top grain leather handbags with Golden leather handles that stand elegantly to attention and are designed so that they can be slung over the shoulder or held in the hand. 

Alongside these versatile and sophisticated treasures you will discover one-of a kind handbag extravaganzas, colours and textures that will seduce and bags that will tempt you with their elegance and beauty. Daniela has worked hard to make sure that there is an equally flamboyant pallet of designs for both sexes.

The term ‘bagology’, coined by the designer herself (who holds a Masters in Psychology), refers to the psychology of handbags. It is the process by which handbags are considered to be not merely objects of fashion, but transformed into a reflection of one’s distinctive personality,  created to reflect the individuality of Daniela’s customers.

Upon appointment, the designer will invite you to her boutique for a private (and very fun) session of psychological profiling, offering champagne and other tempting refreshments to help you relax, during which you will reveal through a carefully crafted questionnaire, facts about yourself, and preferences, likes and dislikes, that will help Daniela design the perfect bag for you. Curiouser and curiouser!

The result is a bag that is as unique and unreplicable as you, something so personal and precious but also a fashion statement that will be seen and appreciated by all. Needless to say the waiting list for this personalized handbag therapy and ‘bagology’ assessment is substantial , so advance booking is advised. Feel free to email Daniela at for further details.

This new collection was inspired by the ‘Alice in Wonderland’ theme because one thing that Daniela passionately believes is that the only limits we can have on our imagination are self-imposed, and sometimes it is necessary to let go, and see what happens…. When you do, the result can be pure magic.

A local celebrity/artist, the hugely talented ‘Mole’ of Soho, has sculpted extraordinary figurines based on the famous tale of Alice in Wonderland, inspired by Daniela’s new collection, and these can be seen in the boutique’s windows, a wonderful fusion of humorous eccentric creativity, beauty and quality.

Daniela’s new collection of handbags will be unlike anything you have ever seen before. So it’s ‘off your head’ if you don’t yet possess a Daniela de Montby handbag, unless you join us on Wednesday the 27th September to potentially find one at a slightly reduced introductory  price. You’d have to be as mad as the hatter himself to miss this event!