5 Notable Benefits Of Installing A Water Feature

Water features add beauty to your home or office while also offering other benefits such as:

1.    Pond plants add a pop of color

Pond plants and an excellent addition to large water features and fountains; they enhance the overall look of the water features. Water lilies, water lettuce and other floating plants and riverside plants are a popular choice for many, and they are inexpensive. Some of these plants can be sourced from the rivers and different water masses. Sea corals and seaweed can also be used to given and added beautify. Green seaweed (algae), yellow seaweeds or even the red kind can help give the fountain or pond some added pop of color.

Remember to feed the aquatic plant life by occasionally adding some sugar, salt, and vitamins in the water for the plants and various living marine organisms to thrive. Also, ensure there is ample sunlight for them to photosynthesize their food.

2.    Water attracts various animals to the garden

A garden with enough plant life and a consistent source of water are likely to be frequently visited by frogs, birds, and insects. Majority of the plants in your yard should be indigenous so that you can encourage the native wildlife to visit. As such, buying a water fountain or artificial waterfall, setting it down and switching it on will not work on its own; you need to accessorize the surrounding with enough diversity of plant life to enhances is potential of attracting birds, insects, and other small animals.

A cautionary note; small water animals might harm some of the aquatic plants such as the seaweed, and the efforts of mitigating their impact on the water plant life can prove to be tedious. However, your love of the pond, as well as the animals, should see you implement suitable measures that encourage both to thrive.

3.    Water cools the yard down

Running water in your courtyard or indoors can have a cooling effect in your surrounding during those hot summer days according to Outdoor Fountain Pros. The water features also make the environment a conducive place for aquatic and semi-aquatic plant life to grow. The beautiful rainbows created by the millions of water particles produced by flowing and still water in and outside your home.

Keep in mind that, you will be able to create that cooling and blissful effect in your home if you use crystal clear water in your water fountain and features. Also, proper maintenance is essential.

4.    Water makes the garden look bigger

Clean, clear water can act a mirror; its reflective properties can make the indoor space feel and look bigger than usual. To maximize the reflection, the inner wall or surfaces of the water features such as the pond and basin of the fountain should be dark. Adding a bit of underwater lighting that you switch on at night can give the installation a pop of color and style. Eco-lights are also a fun and a fantastic way of installing utilizing the power of the sun to light up the garden and the water features at night. The overall presentation also enhances that therapeutic impact of spending time in a place with such a setting.

5.    Water introduces serenity into your yard

Water features such as artificial waterfall and water fountains are known to generate tranquil sounds that can have a calming effect on people stressed by the noisy in their towns and neighborhoods. Installing these features in your recreational areas in your home or workplace can be ways of bringing you closer to nature. They bring to your doorstep the same therapeutic benefits you would enjoy when spending your time near rivers, the sea, or ocean. Including a few flowers and other plants that bloom and produce a soothing scent at night can add to the overall therapeutic effect achieved when you install a water pond, fountain or waterfall in your garden.

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